Diversity, Equity + Inclusion

Together, we’ll build something great.
When we’re accepted for being ourselves, we have our best ideas and our fullest hearts. That’s why everyone at Tufts Medicine is committed to an inclusive culture that empowers people to live their best lives. By reimagining healthcare and ensuring an antiracist workplace, we provide frictionless, equitable care experiences for our communities and colleagues alike.

We’re always learning and growing

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is an ongoing commitment to learning, listening and doing better. It’s about fostering a sense of belonging and hearing every voice. To empower our employees to join us on this journey, we created the Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Tufts Medicine. The Center works to improve racial and health equity through research, education, advocacy, community partnerships, and employee-led councils and resource groups.

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We’re committed to making DEI part of our DNA​​​​​​​

For us, DEI isn’t just a strategy or a statement. It’s a part of our philosophy. Our commitment to DEI informs how we approach all of our work and relationships so our team members, consumers and communities can belong and thrive.

Our DEI statement

Tufts Medicine is on a journey to reimagine healthcare, and it starts by looking at ourselves. We are committed to ensuring an inclusive workplace and providing frictionless, equitable care experiences. This means nurturing a culture of inclusion and embedding policies, tools and practices to address inequities that contribute to health disparities, including structural racism and other forms of discrimination. It also means looking at health not just as the absence of disease, but as all-around well-being. We engage our colleagues, patients and communities as experts in their own lived experiences and personal identities. We prioritize diversity in hiring, promotion, contracting and leadership because representation matters, and our data show gaps in these areas. We see this as ongoing work and rely on the commitment of everyone across our system to inform and execute this vision.

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Attracting and investing in a diverse workforce

We’re bringing together healthcare professionals of all abilities with different experiences and perspectives to make an impact on those we serve.

Empowering a culture of inclusion

We’re an organization that makes people feel valued, included and empowered to make a difference in our diverse communities.

Fueling belonging through partnerships

We’re joining forces with our allies – people, communities, partners, vendors and peers — to drive progress in social justice, diversity and inclusion.

Prioritizing racial and health equity

We’re making health equity a priority by developing structures and processes to address structural racism, increasing access and improving outcomes within the communities we serve and addressing disparities so team members can thrive.

Delivering equitable and frictionless care with cultural competence

We’re learning more about our consumers’ health beliefs and needs to develop targeted interventions, provide culturally informed patient care, and deliver the best team member experience.

Championing diverse leadership

We’re leading by listening to and learning from our communities, ensuring that talent development, community health equity, and fair and equitable practices are furthering our DEI mission.

You belong here

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