Tufts Medicine Integrated

Closing the distance between people and care
At Tufts Medicine, we strive to deliver game-changing care to every person, wherever they are. That's why our Integrated Network brings together top-tier private practice and employed physicians as well as community and academic care providers across Eastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Together, we're building healthy, connected communities.

Every Network member is an equal partner in our vision to reimagine healthcare. Every day, we're delivering innovative, inclusive and compassionate care, exactly where people need it.

To ensure the best care, local care teams convene in clinical councils across our different geographic regions. They share insights, ensure accountability and forge connections, creating a physician-led community that empowers patients and providers alike. Our leaders are committed to collaboration, connection and continual growth. They're determined to create a healthcare experience that works for everyone–a healthcare experience that's effective, efficient and deeply human.


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